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hygiene-services (1)Our dental hygienists are highly educated, experienced and trained in the latest methods of preventative hygiene. They are also well-trained in soft tissue laser techniques used in conjunction with “deep cleanings” to expedite healing of the gum and bone disease. They also continually take educational classes on the latest advances and technology in oral health care. Routine visits with our hygienists are designed to keep your smile healthy and beautiful for life.

Gum disease also known as periodontal disease is usually caused by plaque. Plaque is sticky bacteria that constantly forms on teeth. When plaque is not removed with dental cleanings and daily brushing and flossing between teeth, gums become inflamed and irritated. When irritated, gum tissue can separate from the teeth forming pockets. This separation known as pockets invite and trap bacteria which continues the irritation process. When untreated, gum disease can continue until the bone and surrounding tissues are destroyed. Gingivitis is the early stage of periodontal disease. Gum Disease is often called the silent killer because it may not be painful until the late stages. Common signs of gum disease are red and swollen gums which may bleed easily, and bad breath.

We provide personalized cleanings based upon your periodontal health. In many cases we use a laser to decontaminate and expedite gum tissue healing.

Many people wish for whiter teeth after their cleaning. We offer the in- office whitening system, Sinsational Smiles. This is a 20 minute, pain free, 1-stop whitening solution for patients on the go.

Not only do white teeth enhance your smile, but they make you feel more confident about your appearance. You’ll actually look younger and feel better in just 20 minutes! You deserve to have a beautiful and exceptional smile. We are happy to help you achieve a whiter smile and a more confident you.

It’s best to have your teeth whitened immediately after your teeth have been professionally cleaned!